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24 Clue Game

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24 Clue Game

Brand:  Usaopoly

Price:  33.99

Availability:  IN STOCK

  • The games you love – the characters you can’t get enough of!
  • Fun for the whole family!
  • Add to your collection!

Intelligence has revealed an attack on the United States that will occur in 24 hours. It will be initiated from INSIDE the Los Angeles CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) field office. Six agents are inside CTU at the time of the lockdown. It’s up to the CTU agents inside to reveal WHO the traitor is, WHAT kind of attack is planned and WHERE inside CTU it will happen. A must-have for any 24 fan!

USAopoly items are restricted to sales in the United States and are not available for export.

24 You Don't Know Jack T-Shirt

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24 You Don’t Know Jack T-Shirt

Brand:  American Classics

Price:  17.99

Availability:  IN STOCK

  • Just how well can YOU handle the pressure?
  • High-quality t-shirt featuring the one and only Jack Bauer.
  • Wear your favorite TV shows!

24 You Don’t Know Jack T-Shirt. He may be having the worst days of his life, but now you can honor Jack Bauer with this 100% cotton, high-quality black t-shirt. Front of shirt says: “Think you know what’s going to happen?” Back of shirt says: “You don’t know Jack!” Machine washable. Order yours today!
General Sizing Chart – Measurements not exact, some may vary.
Size Small Medium Large X-Large XX-Large
Chest Width 18-inches 20-inches 22-inches 24-inches 26-inches
Shirt Length 28-inches 29-inches 30-inches 31-inches 32-inches

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